Thursday, 29 April 2010

The moment I've been waiting for

Drum roll new KitchenAid has arrived!!! I'm sooooooo super excited I can't even think straight. It's absolutely gorgeous and the photos don't do it justice at all. I know the lighting is really bad but I couldn't wait till daylight to unpack it.

As previously mentioned, I have been debating since last year whether I should purchase one of these babies or not. Well I finally did it. The comments from my previous post really helped and what finally tipped the scale for me was when I saw a good deal on the internet at the weekend. I do love a good bargain! I have been keeping an eye on the price since last year and it has remained fairly constant - if anything it has gone up slightly. There were not many special offers post Christmas until now.  Amazon seemed to have the best price but I found a few other websites offering competitive prices and free gifts!

Next step was deciding on the colour. After hours of deliberation, I shortlisted it down to candy apple red, boysenberry, pearl metallic grey and possibly majestic yellow. The cranberry looked pretty good as well. Anyway I decided on candy apple red in the end partly because this is a special edition 90th anniversary colour and I do love red.

For anyone who is considering getting a KitchenAid in UK, I would suggest taking a look at these sites. KitchenAid is currently doing a promotion where you get a free 6 piece utensil set valid until end May 2010 - this is available from all the websites I looked at (except Amazon) including high street stores - Debenhams, John Lewis.
(I have researched this extensively so if you need any help do get in touch)

1. -
This is where I got mine from. I would highly recommend this website - there is availability of a wide range of colours and has extremely competitive prices. The customer service is excellent - thank you Gail! Delivery was super speedy and efficient.
The main reason I chose this website is because their 90th anniversary edition was the same price as all other units (£359.00) All other websites were selling it for upwards of £389.00.

2. -

Same price as housemakers for most colours (£359.00) but £389.00 for candy apple red. They are also running a promotion at present with a few other free gifts

If you want the 2010 pepper yellow then this is the site for you as they are doing a special promotion where you get a free KitchenAid citrus juicer attachment worth £32.00 in addition to the following gifts

And now my new kitchen toy :)


  1. Ah, she is beautiful, congrats :) you are going to love it!!!
    have a fun weekend with your new toy.
    *kisses* HH

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! She's beautiful! Great choice on the color :) So, what are you going to make to break her in? Have fun with your new toy.

  3. I remember the day I got my Kitchenaid as a milestone in my life; you are going to love it so much!

  4. You are going to have many wonderful hours of pure baking bliss! Love the color choice.

  5. You can't beat a red kitchen aid! Mine's red and I wouldn't swap it for the world.
    Wishing you many happy hours baking with it

  6. I am green with jealousy right now! I MUST get one soon :)
    Have lots of fun baking with it!


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