Tuesday, 20 April 2010

To KitchenAid or not

Haven't had time to bake recently so I thought I'd share a few thoughts and maybe get some comments about whether I should invest in a KitchenAid (KA) mixer or not. I did mention this in my baked alaska post as I had a chance to use mum's stand mixer (kenwood) to make the meringue and sponge cake. I found it very clean and efficient and it got me thinking how much nicer it would be to bake with the help of a KA.

I have been dreaming of owning one of these beauties since I got serious with my baking. However, I already own a Magimix (which I saved and agonised over for months pre KA) and an electric hand mixer. I know I'm just being indulgent and it's more a case of want rather than need. There is also the issue of tabletop space of which I don't have much to spare but I'm sure I can make room! I do think that I will put it to good use and I see it as a long term investment as hopefully you only need to buy one in your lifetime.

I'd be really interested in your thoughts. If you have one - how often do you use it? Is it a worhtwhile investment? Does it make a difference to the final product?
If you don't have one - have you thought about it? Why have you not bought one? (assuming you want one)

Hope to be back to baking soon so do check back later :)


  1. I LOVE MY KITCHENAID!!!! I use it at least 5 times a week, for bread, cookies, grinding meat (with the meat grinder attachment) or what have you. Its the 2nd most used item in my kitchen, first being my knives :) Well and stove. :) If you have teh $$ to get one I highly recommend one. I don't even have the Artisan version, I have an el cheap o from walmart (KA Classic) but I've had it for about 13 years and its been the best piece of equipment I've ever owned. I can not say enough good things about it!

  2. Thanks Andrea. They do cost quite a bit and I've been told that it's much cheaper in US. It's times like these (and when I want certain ingredients) that I wish I live in America. Best start saving then :)

  3. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and nice to meet you. I have to say I love your blog. Your bakings look really tempting and creative. And you did a great job! Looking forward to see more of your creative bakings and hope to hear from you more often. Have a wonderful day!
    Regards, Kristy

  4. Are you serious? I could not LIVE without my kitchenaid K5 mixer! I can also mention that when I first got it (20 years ago) the motor was defective and their customer service help was grand; they sent me a new one within 24 hours!

  5. I LOVE my KitchenAid. It is definitely worth the investment. You can also buy various attachments to make into a multi function device. I only have the icecream maker at present, but love it. It is also very heavy duty - you don't feel like the motor will explode.

  6. Absolutely you should buy one. Every foodie/cook should have one. They are awesome. I think of my kitchenaid as my little kitchen gem. They are so pretty and they work beautifully. I wrote a post about it:
    Check it out :)
    *kisses* HH

  7. Thanks for all your comments. Maybe I'll bake even more (if that's possible!) with a KitchenAid.

    HH - I agree about not buying cheap, a lesson learnt after many years! Where did you get yours?

    Anyone know a reliable supplier in UK?

  8. I have one and I have to say that I love it and I use it a lot (at least once a week). The feature that really makes a difference for me is the dough hook as I never used to have the fortitude to knead dough by hand but the dough hook means that it's very easy to do so :)

  9. Another vote for buying a Kitchenaid. I use mine several times a week and like Lorraine, I make more bread because the dough hooks make it so easy.

  10. i have one and I dont know how i could live without it and as i have said before i am no baker! we use that thing for everything! As far as price it is well worth it! Of course we got ours for a good deal we bought it a few years ago on Black Friday so it was half price!
    I could not pass it up! I am looking to invest in some of the pieces that go with it like the ice cream attachment!
    post more girl miss you!

  11. I have a red kitchen aid and love it to bits - wouldn't swap it for anything.
    It does take up a fair amount of worktop space but is beautiful!

  12. I had the same questions abt KA last yr! I got quite many good feedback which helped in my decision making. If you're keen to know the comments, check it out here http://nyonyapendekmelaka.blogspot.com/search/label/Kitchen%20Mixers

    good luck!

  13. Hiya, thought I'd just add to all the comments and say you should get a KitchenAid!! I got an Empire Red Artisan KitchenAid (exactly the one you have a pic of on ur post) as a present for my birthday earlier this year. I've even blogged about it cos it was the best present EVER! And now I can't imagine how I've done without it, it makes everything such a breeze! Mine was from http://www.hartsofstur.com/ and came with a 12-piece steak knive set, a KitchenAid cookbook and a KitchenAid Utensil set in the matching Empire Red as free gifts!

    No pressure, lol!


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