Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hot Chocolate on a stick

Winter means many things and hot chocolate is one of them. I love drinking hot chocolate but always feel that they are not chocolatey enough. However, when I was in Bruges earlier this year, I had proper hot chocolate - melted chocolate in milk and it was delicious! I bought loads of these hot chocolate on a stick from my visit to Bruges.  I don't know why but I never thought about making my own until I saw this on Holly Bell's blog Recipes from a Normal mum which I bookmarked immediately.  It's such a simple idea and makes a great Christmas gift.  There's definitely no going back. The best thing is you can add whatever flavour variations you want - mint, coffee, cinnamon, orange.... 
I made these with plain dark or milk chocolate and topped with either crushed candy canes or mini marshmallows. They were for work colleagues and friends so I kept the flavours simple. I'm sure I'll be making some 'custom made' ones for myself!
These are not strictly baked but Becky said it's ok so I'm entering them to the English Mum's Big Christmas Bakeoff

I'm also entering them to Bookmarked Recipes hosted by Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes

And to Let's Cook for Christmas Red and Green hosted by simply food

And also to the holiday goodies link up at Diary of a Semi-Health Nut hosted by Amanda 

* UPDATE: My post has been featured over at Gourmet Hot Chocolate - if you are a fan of hot chocolate, do head on over there for delicious recipes and reviews of hot chocolate products *

 This is all you need - mini muffin cases, lollipop sticks, chocolate, candy canes and mini marshmallows. 

Perfect chance to use my new chocolate melting pot . Tip: if you are making a lot as I ended up doing, its easier to melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water and pour into the moulds. 200g of chocolate made approximately 10 sticks using my mini muffin moulds. In hindsight, these are very small portions but you can always stir 2 sticks into the mug! They do look so cute though :) 


 Pour the melted chocolate into the cases and leave to set. The best thing about the current weather is it only takes a few minutes by the window to set. When it's almost set, place a lollipop stick in the centre and top with crushed candy canes (or mini marhsmallows)  Allow to set completely before removing from the case. 

 I love the look of them! 

 Here's a close up 

 I packed them in cellophane bags, tied a festive ribbon around and added a tag which says " Stir into a mug of warm milk until completely dissolved. Cream optional. Enjoy!"

 Mass production for my friend's Christmas party :) 

For more detailed instructions and other presentation ideas, check out Recipes from a Normal Mum by Holly Bell, Great British Bake Off finalist. 


  1. What a great idea... I love those hot chocolate sticks you can buy! As you say these would also make great presents!!

    Thanks for the idea!

  2. I really want to try these one day!
    Jazz xo

  3. This is such a lovely Christmas gift- indulgent and very warming for these chilly days!

  4. I've seen this idea before, but never with the marshmallows on. Brilliant idea. They look so pretty too. I love real hot chocolate - I'll have a bagful please ;-)

  5. Such a cute idea, I haven't seen these before. I'm also loving hot chocolate at the moment. I've been making so many at work recently that yesterday I had to have one myself!

  6. I had planned to make some of these this week for an annual Christmas event I am going to! I have been trying to track down a square ice cube tray everywhere as I want to make squares of hot chocolate and then squares of marshmallow to go above the chocolate but it's easier said than done - I still haven't managed to find one! Love your broken up bits of candy cane and the way you've packaged them! I'm thinking of customising some of mine to feature mint and maybe even a splash of coconut too!

  7. Lovely idea - I've often enjoyed these but never thought of making them. I love your one with the tiny marshmallows in it

  8. Just wait until you get your moulds - there will be no stopping you! What is the lakeland dipping pot like as I had that on my wish list?

  9. This is a very enjoyable post! You have done a great job with all those photos! I'll definitely be making some soon!I'm also sure your colleagues and friends will find your gift very special!

  10. Laura - your welcome! they really are great presents and treats for yourself :)

    Gloria - thanks :)

    Jazz - Do give them a try and let me know what you think

    Kate - Definitely warming in thesevery chilly days :)

    Choclette - thanks, the mini marshmallows are cute! sending you a bagful :)

    Jo - thanks, they're so easy to make for yourself and others.

    Cupcake Crazy Gem - ooh coconut - tropical hot chocolate! I struggled to find the right mould, these mini ones are too small but very cute. I've now ordered some that I think will be perfect.

    Caked Crusader - thanks I didnt think of making my own either until I saw it on Holly's blog.

    Jacqueline - I cant wait to get my new moulds!! The lakeland melting pot is easy to use - just pop in the microwave but it's quite small and you have to watch closely to make sure the chocolate does not burn. (My microwave does not have low, medium or high funcion, just cook!)

    Mariam - thanks :) Do let me know what you think.

  11. Beautiful gifts - I used to live near a Lakeland when I lived in England - such a cool shop... so much awesome in those four walls :)

  12. Hot chocolate on a stick! Great idea for kids to make and eat. Yum!

  13. Oh they are just like the ones I made a year or so ago. Such great presents and cute presentation. And who doesn't love a ready to go hot chocolate? :)

  14. This is a great idea! And they look so cute :D

  15. I have to make these! I never thought of making them before either - how silly!

  16. I don't really drink hot chocolate but I'd be happy eating one of these sticks on their own! Yum :-)

  17. Charles - thanks, I love Lakeland too :)

    Yummychunklet - I'm sure the kids will love them!

    Lorraine - I love your version! I made some butterfly ones and have now ordered a new mould.

    Akika - thanks :)

    Kath - you're not the only one :) do give them a go

    Rachel - thanks, everyone loved it :)

    thelittleloaf - they are great to eat as well :)

  18. wow these look so cute, do send them to lets cook for christmas red/green

  19. Lovely idea - great as gifts. They've got a awful lot of chocolate in Bruges and they know how to use it.

  20. Simply food - thanks for the invite - these are not really red or green though unless you count the candy canes?

    Phil - thanks. Bruges is a chocoholics heaven :)

  21. What a great idea - so simple but really cute! I hope your work colleagues liked them :)

  22. Xinmei - thanks! They are really cute and everyone loved them :)

  23. wow what a gr8 idea....the chocolates looks soo inviting & pretty..i ll def. try this...

    hi 1st time to your blog..& u have a nice space...u can link it to my event yummy dessert for new year

  24. Pranati Nath - thank you, do give it a try and thanks for the invite to your event.

  25. The hot chocolate sticks are a fantastic gift idea - why have I never seen this before?! I haven't even seen them sold in stores, but now I have another awesome gift idea :) Thanks for sharing...

  26. This is a great idea! Thanks for joining the link-up! Merry Christmas! :-)

  27. JavelinWarrior - your welcome! They are great as gifts and you can personalise it in so many ways :)

    Amanda - thanks! look forward to seeing all your lovely entries. Happy Christmas to you too :)

  28. Ive been meaning to make these for the last few week I hope i get the chance before christmas as it's a great idea

  29. Cupcakegirl - Hope you get to make these before Christmas. I've been making lots! :)


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