Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tribal Hot Chocolate with Bananas

I'm very pleased to announce my first guest post on my blog. Mariam from Hot Chocolate Gourmet is kindly sharing with us her favourite hot chocolate drink. It contains one of my favourite ingredients - bananas! Please check out her blog if you haven't already for everything to do with hot chocolate. Take it away, Mariam!

A hot chocolate that is so rich, creamy and thick you wouldn’t believe it’s actually good for your health!

My version of Kuna hot chocolate
Yet it’s true – this all natural banana hot chocolate recipe comes from the Kuna tribe of Panama – the southernmost country of Central America. This drink is based on only water, bananas and cocoa. As exotic as this may seem to Westerners, it is the only thing the Kuna people drink throughout their conscious life.

While drinking up to 5 cups of hot cocoa every day, there is something the Kuna people don’t do: namely worry about heart disease! According to a Natural Health Dossier report, the latest research shows that cocoa is the Kuna people’s secret weapon against cardiovascular problems. Also, click here to see how it can protect your brain!

How is this tribal hot cocoa drink prepared? The Kuna people boil bananas in a pot of water until they break in pieces. Then they add ground cocoa beans, continue cooking and finally strain.

Because I don’t lead a tribal lifestyle, I adapted this recipe for home use. Making hot chocolate for two, I took

- 1,5 cups of water
- 1 banana
- 4 heaped tsp of all natural, unsweetened cocoa powder (not dutched!)
- A dash of cinnamon

Finishing touch of cinnamon

Thank you Mariam. Here's my take on her recipe...
If you wish, you may use a blender instead of a fork. The latter tool leaves banana fibre intact, so the resulting drink is not as smooth. However, I prefer it this way, because it feels closer to roots.
But if you mash the banana with a fork, please don’t wear a white shirt – otherwise this drink truly has the power to transform you into a savage!!! (Just kidding… But do watch out!)
Now it’s time for you, my dear reader, to speak up: do you like this recipe? How do you modify it? What are the healthy ways you enjoy your cocoa?

Well I had to get out my "chocolate" mug for this one. If you can't quite see it, it says "Lady and the Chocolate" and it has a funny story on the other side. 
I have to admit I was a little nervous cooking bananas into the drink as I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I've never made hot chocolate with water before but now I'm making most of my hot chocolate with water! I added 4 small squares of chocolate as I wanted it to be extra chocolatey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon sugar for extra sweetness.  The drink itself was rich and chocolatey. The banana adds flavour and texture and the cinnamon complemented the flavours well. You would not have thought this is a healthy drink! (without the extra chocolate and sugar of course)

Thank you Mariam for a great recipe, I'll definitely be making this again :)


  1. Such a pleasure to hear you enjoyed this recipe!

  2. YUM!!! wow 5 cups a day! I wouldn't fit in any of my clothes if i did that but i'm gonna have to give this a go sometime ~

  3. Ok I want this mug! The hot chocolate looks ridiculously amazing!!

    Nom! x

  4. I love bananas and chocolate. I'd also add a bit of sugar, but I'll try without it first. Yum..

  5. This looks amazing! Definitely bookmarking this.

  6. I must try this as its a sneaky way of getting fruit into my son despite all the sugar.

  7. Mariam - thanks for the recipe. It was really good :)

    Daisy - Do try it and let me know what you think

    Nom - The mug is cool :)

    Janet - I think it needed just a little bit of sugar but I do have a sweet tooth :)

    Jo - thanks, do give it a try :)

    Gloria - thanks

    cakeboule - you can make it without sugar.

  8. What an interesting hot chocolate idea! I'v never thought to add banana to one but I'm really intrigued now :)

  9. NQN stole my sentence lol - but this is a very interesting recipe for hot chocolate. I would never have thought of adding banana, Hubby is gonna love this one ;0)

  10. Very interesting hot chocolate recipe and yet it doesn't seem so complicated, or unhealthy! I will definitely give this a go! I bet it would be lovely with some chilli on top, too!

  11. What a decadent and chocolatey guest post!

  12. Lorraine - It's definitely an interesting idea, do give it a try - it's really good :)

    Chele - its a very interesting recipe indeed, do give it a try :)

    Hazel - Its definitely interesting. Do let me know if you try the chilli on top!

    Yummychunklet - thanks :)

  13. Wow, this looks completely amazing! and caught the eye of my hot chocolate loving husband! I have never seen one that looks so thick and delicious and with the addition of banana this is definitely on the 'to make' list now! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Cupcake Crazy Gem - thanks! I hope he likes it :)

  15. Just been over to Gourmet Hot Chocolate - drool!
    I like hot cocoa but the banana makes it much more creamy and thick and uses up my frozen bananas (I like banana bread but there’s only so much I can eat..) I used natural cocoa though – it’s almost all Dutched in the UK isn't it?

  16. LoLy - thanks :)

    talesofpiglingbland - it's a great alternative way to use bananas. Where did you get the natural cocoa from?

  17. I CANNOT wait to try this out! I am a complete nut when it comes to trying to make sweet treats 'healthy' and this really has me inspired!

    Catherine @ The Spring

  18. Catherine - Do give it a try and let me know what you think :)

  19. Can you please clarify how many cups of water for this recipe. It says 1,5. Is it 1.5 or 5 or??
    Thank you

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