Friday, 2 December 2011

Cake club: Glitz & Glamour

I attended the inaugural Cakes4Fun Cake Club in Putney, London last week. Thank you Caroline for inviting me.  It's a monthly get together where everyone bakes something according to the set theme for that month. It's a great excuse to eat cake, have a drink and chat about baking. The theme for November was 'Glitz & Glamour'. There were 6 very glamourous cakes there, 5 with a chocolate base (clearly great minds think alike) and 1 non-chocolate cake. Obviously there was glitter and shimmer everywhere :)  

Fran was our lovely host and she gave us really useful hints and tips along the way. We each got a chance to 'present' our cake - why we made it and how and answer any questions and then of course the important tasting. It was fun to swap baking tips and stories over cake, tea and wine.  

Next month's cake club is on Jan 26th, the theme being ‘New Year….New you’ Healthy cakes to kick start your January. Contact cakes4fun for more details if you are interested in attending. 

And now I present the lovely, glitzy and glamourous cakes.....

This was a lovely potato and chocolate cake. Yes you read it correctly - potato! It was absolutely delicious and you really can't taste the potato. I love the little gold homemade truffles too.

Next up a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall chocolate torte cake. Love the decoration here. This was lovely and moist and fudgey. 

 Moving on to a chocolate and banana cake with honeycomb on top. As you know banana is one of my favourite baked flavours and the addition of honeycomb made it even better. 

 This was Laura's white and dark chocolate cake. It was lovely and moist and I really loved the decorations! To read more about this cake, check out her blog here.

 Look at the lovely layers... yum! 

 This was made by my friend Caroline and was the only non chocolate cake of the evening. It's a hummingbird cake which is made from bananas, pineapples, walnuts. It was lovely and moist and made a refreshing change from all the chocolatey-goodness we were consuming.  It's one of my favourite cakes to make and eat so I was pleased to see it on the table. She used a gold shimmer spray and made the cute toppers from candy moulds from hobbycraft. Please take a moment to visit her blog which she has recently started. 

 Finally we had my ultimate chocolate cake which sadly arrived in pieces. This cake does not fare well on long bus and tube journeys! The collar had to be broken anyway to cut into the cake so it wasn't a major disaster and everyone kindly said that it looked quite artistic. It was lovely, soft and moist and surprisingly light as it looks like a 'heavy' cake.  Still loving the gold maltesers :) 

 Fran showed us a feather cake she was going to make at the weekend. Can you believe this is all edible? Do check out the cakes4fun website for more amazing cakes. I had a chance to look at some of their display cakes - wow! 


  1. What a fantastic cake fest there! And I adore vegetable based cakes too-you can never taste the vegetable but they give the cake such a great texture! :D

  2. Oh no, your poor cake! I'd be so upset... still, as you said - it had to be cut to pieces anyway and I'm sure the taste was completely unaffected - it looks amazing.

    That feather cake is just...... "wow". What's it made of? Incredible... I can't believe it's all edible?! :o

  3. All the cakes look fabulously glitzy!

  4. Ohh, sad to see your cake cracked like that! But those gold balls look beautiful. Just to enter something like that must be fantastic. Everything entered there looked terrific, and you can tell everyone took a lot of time.


  5. What fun!

    I know the cake still tasted great, and the gold balls were beautiful.

  6. @Charles - the feather cake is made of rice paper!

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments, I do appreciate every single one :)

  7. wow what a super fun even and man so jealous I want a slice or three!!

  8. Holy moly that's chocolate cake heaven! I don't know how you would decide which cake to sample first. I also fancy trying a hummingbird cake, they sound lovely.

  9. Wow, it looks like so much inspiration and yumminess :D

  10. Wow a cake club..good to see some kind of cake get together up and running since Iron Cupcake never managed to get it together! I love Hummingbird Cake too! although I'm quite happy with choc overload any day as well!


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