Sunday, 10 October 2010

Great Brownie Bake Off Event 2010

Yesterday was the Great Brownie Bake Off at Look Mum No Hands Cafe in Old Street, hosted by Louise Thomas of the Chocolate Consultancy. It was a very busy and successful event. I do wish I'd taken more photos but I was too busy chatting to people, eating the delicious samples and trying to sell my cakes! 
It was a fun day, I got to meet quite a few lovely people including Edd Kimber, winner of the Great British Bake Off. 
I was very pleased to sell most of my home baked goodies particularly as I spent all of Friday night baking. Thank you so much to my friends who helped out :) Thank you also to everyone who bought my baked goodies. I hope you enjoyed it. 

oreo cupcakes were very popular on the day 

oreo truffles were equally popular. 

amazing halloween themed cakes made by Caroline who is raising money for charity. Please visit for more details. 

Gu demonstrations

Edd made banana and chocolate whoopie pies and I got to sample one. Delicious! 

sasha made mocha tarts which were amazing 


  1. What a deliciously fun time! So many tasty goodies - I bet it smelled incredible in there :-) Congrats on the sales!

  2. Thank you for a lovely write up and for all your hard work on the day; apparently your oreo cupcakes are amazing, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to try one!


  3. Looks like it went down a real treat! Well done.

  4. Nice to meet you Saturday! I bought a couple of your oreo truffles and have to say I was very impressed, hope you post the recipe!

  5. Oh well done for baking and selling at this. Would love to have been there. Also v impressed with how much baking you did. Particualry like the sound of the earl grey cookies.

  6. i would have went into a sugar shock! how aweome! xoxo

  7. What a lovely event and a great cause too! :D

  8. What a wonderful event and a great excuse to make a piggy of one's self LOL. Everything looks so good, and what a good cause.
    *kisses* HH

  9. Looks like this would of been a really good time, some really nice looking treats on display.

  10. Wow wow wow this all looks so yummy! Your oreo cupcakes look great, and I adore oreo truffles - wish I could just grab one of those out of your pictures! I liked the way you coated them in all different types of choc! Glad it went well, looks like you really worked hard at all that baking!!
    p.s glad you liked my tropical background! I'm trying to make do without any of my usual blogging background supplies over here!


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