Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Great Brownie Bake Off

Less than 3 days to go to the Great Brownie Bake Off. This event is hosted by the Chocolate Consultancy. There will be lots of brownies to sample (including my entry) as well as delicious demonstrations throughout the day.

I will also be selling some of my home baked goods on the day. It is a great opportunity and I'm really excited to be taking part. This is the first time I will be selling my baked goods so if you like what you see on my blog do drop by for a chance to try them. Any feedback is much appreciated.

I am provisionally planning to make oreo trufflesoreo cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, candy cookies, earl grey tea cookies and possibly something else. I am slightly limited by time as I would like to bake everything fresh i.e on Friday night and the fact that I only have 1 oven.

Details for the event are as follows:

October 9, 2010 from 12.30 -1800
£1.70 (£1 from each entry fee will be donated to a chosen charity after the event)
Look Mum No Hands Cafe
Google Map
49 Old Street, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 9HX


  1. Thanks for the comment, we are having a great time and have settled very well! This event sounds awesome...wish I could be taking my s'mores brownies to it! Everything you're baking for it sounds amazing...make sure you take lots of pics - can't wait to see what you do!

  2. Fabulous idea! Everybody needs a perfect brownie recipe.

  3. Hope you had a great day - I've read some reviews and sounds fun. I had originally planned to enter and then my mixer exploded so didn't. Then I planned to eat but went to get a new camera (which also broke last week)) instead as I really needed one.
    It sounded like a great day out - hope everyone enjoyed your brownies - I'm sure they did!

  4. Hi Ros,

    I'm Steven and we met yesterday at the bake off! I'm now following your blog and mine is here:


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