Monday 25 November 2013

Fork Biscuits

I missed out on Random Recipes last month so I wanted to make sure I could join in this month. Dom from Belleau Kitchen who hosts this fabulous challenge has chosen a traditional random 'random recipes' where you select a book at random then open it to a random page and cook whatever is on that page. I usually count up my books then use a random number generator to pick my book and this time my pick is Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book. I was really pleased as this is one of my favourite books and I was really looking forward to a delicious cake.

However, when I opened the book to a random page, it was not a cake recipe. I have to admit I was slightly disappointed but it's no excuse for cheating! I had a choice of plain, chocolate or orange fork biscuits. I ended up making the plain and chocolate ones and they were absolutely delicious. Buttery, melt in your mouth biscuits that you just can't stop eating once you start on one. It's so simple to make and only requires 3 ingredients (for the plain version). It's such a classic staple but would you believe I've never made fork biscuits before? Another Random Recipe success so thank you Dom for allowing me to bake this lovely recipe that I might not have tried otherwise. 

 sugar, flour, butter and a fork 

 shape dough into round balls 

 then press with a fork 

 chocolate version 


Recipe available online here 


  1. simplicity at its best and good old Mary Berry is always triumphant! A great pick and I love that I made you make something you wouldn't normally try... and that's why we love random recipes... thanks so much for the entry, I know how hard it can be to squeeze it all in!

    1. I love random recipes so thank you again for hosting a fab challenge.

  2. i just made something like this today, they are so light. i am naughty and sandwiched them together with cream cheese filling :D

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