Thursday, 29 November 2012

Egg Spiral - A Review

Recently I was asked to review a product from the handpicked collection. If you've never been to this site, don't blame me if you end up with a hefty credit card bill! They have really lovely gifts on their site for yourself or for a loved one. If you're stuck for Christmas presents, do check out their Christmas gift range.

According to their site, "The Handpicked Collection is an award-winning gift shop providing a unique selection of well-priced, stylish and high quality gifts. We aim to make present buying a breeze, and our collection also showcases gorgeous treats for you, your home and your garden."  They have a panel of experts who are independent and vet everything they sell.  They also have a helpful gift finder service. 

The site itself is easy to navigate.  It has tabs on top for main categories such as her, him, kids, home, garden & outdoor, special occasions and new in.  There are also top 10 gift categories on their homepage.  

I was really excited to be sent this egg spiral to review as I'd seen it on someone else's blog and have been looking for one since. The description on the site says "This is a brilliant and attractive way of storing fresh eggs in date order. As you take out the bottom egg, another gently rolls along to take its place, meaning you always use the oldest egg first." This would be particularly helpful if you had your own hens. I use a lot of eggs for my baking so this looks great in my kitchen (well when I get a new place) and is functional. It comes in a choice of cream or black colour and currently retails for £24.95. It is handmade in Devon and holds up to 20 eggs. 

Apologies for the background of the photos!

I also decided to have a little fun with the egg spiral. I'm sure you are not meant to roll the eggs down and I did end up with 5 broken eggs making this video so it was omelette and eggs for the next few meals! Warning - I can't guarantee that your eggs will remain intact if you try this at home but it's really fun :) 

The next video shows what happens when you remove an egg from the end, the next egg rolls down very smoothly - no risk of broken eggs here! 

My Verdict - a great British product which is well made, has great design and functionality. It's particularly useful if you have your own hens.  It also provides hours of entertainment if you are silly like me ;) I've already ordered a few as Christmas presents and I'm sure they will be very well received. 

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review free of charge. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed here are my own. 

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  1. That's a really fun product. If I ever get hens I'm getting an egg spiral as well. What fun!


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