Thursday, 8 May 2014

Barbie Cake

This is another cake order from work for a Barbie cake. I've never made one before but I've been wanting an opportunity to make one especially after my AlphaBakes co-host Caroline made one for my birthday last year. Unfortunately all didn't go to plan and I had to improvise and hope for the best. Luckily the birthday girl was pleased and on reflection, it really doesn't look too bad. I used Nigella's old fashioned chocolate cake recipe which is my go to chocolate cake recipe. 

 I used a cutter to cut out little flowers 2 days ahead so that it had time to dry. 

 I baked 2 sponges - 1 in a glass bowl and another round cake for the base 

 This is the 'glass bowl' cake 

 I used the bowl as a guide to trim the round cake to the same size

 I used a cookie cutter to cut out a hole in the centre for Barbie's legs 

 I made some pink vanilla buttercream icing and used it to sandwich the layers together

 My first mistake was not using a smaller cookie cutter to cut out the middle of the top layer which is why my Barbie is leaning. I also realised too late that Barbie has really long legs! The cake only came up to her thighs instead of her waist as planned so I had to put extra icing on her body. 

 I cut out a triangle shaped piece of white fondant to create her underskirt

 I used the same flower cutter which I gently pressed into the fondant to create an impression 

 I stuck lots of flowers all over her dress including a row on either side of her skirt. I also used a scallop tool to create a pattern on the bottom of her skirt

 Remember to wrap Barbie's legs in cling film before placing her in the cake 

 Here's the finished version 

 The birthday girl wanted a '6' on her cake so I placed it on the front of her dress 

 I placed a row of white flowers to create a waistline and added more flowers to her dress to create a pattern

 You can see how Barbie is leaning back here 

 View from the back 

 another side view 

 finished cake 


  1. Aahh amazing! I've secretly always wanted to try a cake like this as I remember them at friends' birthday parties when I was little. I actually quite like the lean. She looks like she's mid dance move, a shimmy perhaps!

    1. I've always wanted to make one too so was a bit disappointed that she didnt turn out as expected but it's not a complete disaster!

  2. Very nice cake. Blessings, Catherine

  3. I am so incredibly impressed. Firstly I live the idea if shoving a barbie into a cake (surely you could have done this rather than cut a hole?) but also the dress is so pretty and it's all just too much for me. I may have to sit down!!

    1. Thanks Dom! I'll have to try just shoving Barbie into the cake next time, great idea!

  4. Very impressive! Having a daughter, I have seen a wide variety of Barbie cakes being presented at parties, but this one is definitely spectacular amongst them! I always hated Barbie as a child, but she has definitely gone up in my estimation...... no longer the blonde bimbo, she can give any man a run for his money and has definitely turned her hand to saving the world!!!!!

    1. Thanks! I was disappointed that the cake didnt turn out as I imagined but it didn't look too bad in the end. Barbie has gone up in my estimations too :)

  5. Wow- lucky Barbie. Can I have a dress of cake please?


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