Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Peanut cookies

My final treat for chinese new year this year... peanut cookies. I made 2 different types and the majority preferred the second one. My first attempt I used a recipe I found online from the food site which has very clear, step-by-step illustrated steps. I personally found it slightly sweet so would reduce the amount of sugar next time.  They had a definite 'nutty' taste and were very 'more-ish'.

I then decided to make a 'finer' version of peanut cookies and got a great recipe from Bake Cook Eat. Mine were not as beautiful as hers but they definitely tasted great. It had a really fine texture which melted in your mouth. It also had a clear 'nutty' flavour almost like eating very smooth peanut butter. Definitely one for peanut fans.

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