Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Cake Pops

It has been a mega halloween baking effort from me this year. I managed to make about 100 cake pops and cake balls over a few days which have all been eaten! Plus Halloween candy and cupcakes which will be featured next.  I went on a cake pops class earlier this year taught by Leigh of Craft Cakes at the Oak Studio. Been planning to make cake pops since then but not had a chance until now. Luckily I still remembered how to but really need to practice my decorating skills. I did fail art at school so really you can't blame me! I also had some help from my friend P who was staying over and helped decorate the cake pops. The first time, we used writing icing which was difficult to control resulting in the cake pops above.
I then asked for some help from Olivia of livalittlebakery as her cake pops looks amazing, check it out here.
So the second time round, I used sugarflair colour paste with a paintbrush. However my brush was not fine enough and by then I was really tired and just wanted to get them done. Lesson learnt for next time. Leigh also had a great tip of using royal icing which I will definitely try next time.

 prepare your items. I forgot to add in the tic tacs which I used for the pumpkin stem. Sainsbury's has an amazing baking range at the moment including these orange buttons. 

 dip cake balls and allow to set. I 

 I had this brilliant idea of using a pumpkin to display my cake pops and am glad it worked. Its also my first time carving a pumpkin so I'm pretty pleased with myself :) I need to carve the mouth a bit higher though. 

 yummy mummies (all decorating ideas are from Bakerella's cake pops - highly recommend if you want to make amazing looking cake pops) 

 2nd time - I tried making some skulls - ugh. Good thing its Halloween so ugly is pretty haha. I also got these oasis foam blocks and wilton candy melts from hobbycraft - great for cake pops. They were still a little difficult to balance using the empty egg cartons. 

 pumpkins using black sugarflair paste with a (too thick) brush and wilton candy melts - brighter orange colour but I think the silverspoon buttons gave a smoother appearance. 

 little pumpkins when I ran out of lollipop sticks and time to draw more faces... still looked good and tasted great. 

If you need a reminder on how to make the actual cake pops, click here

Happy Halloween Everyone! 


  1. WOW dear these look amazing, Im amazed, are a lot of cake pops and look beauty! gloria

  2. haha we definitely have the same sweet tooth that's for sure! Happy Halloween too! Wow 100 cake pops...that is more impressive than homemade marshmallows! Well we got zero trick and treaters and I had tons of treats all ready for them so that was a bit disappointing! but you're right...I was secretly excited about eating them myself so everyone's a winner! The pumpkin pops are so cute!

  3. They are so cute - is that the right thing to say about evil pumpkins?

  4. Wow they look fantastic! The pumpkins look amazing and the mummys are really good too! Happy Halloween! :)

  5. Well done - they look great!

  6. Yummy!! I've never tried cake pops, they baffle me a bit. Might have a go soon,

  7. so adorable!... I am still YET to make cake pops... ho hum....

  8. Those are some fantastic looking cake pops, I think the jack-o-lanterns are my faves.

  9. wow love them, once you pop, you can't stop :) i love making them x

  10. Brilliant post! I'm bookmarking this for when I attempt cake pops.

  11. These look amazing and great displayed in the pumpkin! I tried pumpkin cake pops this year and they were a disaster - only managed to get 2 to stay on the stick, the rest kept sliding down. They ended up being cake balls instead, still tasted OK though! Will bookmark this for next year's attempt!


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